Jan 7, 2020

Why I write and post Blogs

I might write these blogs to work something out in my head, in response to something that has happened by something triggered in my memory Or to share something I've read. It might be an article or a political or current news story that isn’t covered by our main news outlets... Mostly they're my own rantings and political opinions. Or, like my Road diaries, they were moments I was part of… events I was witnessing.

There are more than two sides to a story and in my search for the truth I intend to show all the sides that I can- for people to make their own minds up. In my searches for the truths, I am sharing what I find here.

There is always more going on behind people in politics and war this side of the story explains some things I was unable to work out that did not make sense to me before about allies, motivations, the choices that leaders make and the actions they take. It’s not black and white. I don’t always find it easy to agree with uncomfortable truths Because they can be difficult to accept. Also, so many double standards are revealed…

No Doubt I'll come back and say more about this later.