Jun 6, 2016

Mutoid waste company ODE.

Mutoid waste company ODE. 2016

I put these words together for Sam Haggarty and the Mutoid crew a few years ago.

Mutoid waste company ODE.

Ode? Nothing owed Nothing bought Nothing squandered All we’ve caught And found

We might look happily wasted but we aren’t emaciated Nothing is wasted or squandered or neglected No one and no thing is worthless... We treasure Extravagant debris priceless garbage

And today we meet again...after pottering unhindered we have frugally splurged out... we... the fraternity of flotsam...comrades of clutter...are Frittering this lavish moment wonderfully... wealthy together... with the First thrifty spoils of next years Summer dry cider

We defy and Challenge anyone to say we haven’t earned it Go on... Throw your hat into the ring Throw your rings into our hat Throw down your gauntlets You Won’t get them back Nor the bullets and your bombs That You throw... Irresistible Rummage’s of wreckage Explorers of Bric a brac we shall use alchemy To resist you To turn Your Sweepings and scraps your left overs to gold We will dream your junk and your dross into becoming A pièce de résistance A gift to all your victims all underdogs To resist you We the magnificent 4 Us...The blacksmith (Sam) samurai We the magnificent 7 Can multiply at will We the magnificent population

Shall raise a toast to each others camaraderie” 👍 Rory. 2016