Dec 1, 2022

We should Renationalise the Royal Mail!

We should Renationalise the Royal Mail! The profitable Royal Mailwas sold cheap/Privatised a few years ago. The Tories bankers Socialise the debt and privatise the profit. Yet capitalists always want socialism to help when things go bad-bailing out banks and companies that fail with public money.Sovereignty is a myth ...after many years of Tory privatisation. It’s not about sovereignty. It’s not about taking back control. It’s not about British values or British autonomy. It’s about locking deregulation and the demolition of public services in place, by means that cannot be challenged by either people or parliament.It was Good news that Postmasters were compensated But we were told the government (tax payer) had paid the ‘penalty’. Bailed out the PO (Being the main shareholder). As they didn’t have enough money.Who ran our trains…? British Rail before privatisation…?…who ran our royal mail till they were sold off cheap?... our water ... sold off to the corrupt Enron corporation and some Malaysian company... privatised for profit... then asset stripped.