Dec 1, 2022

Energy prices are so high With Dried Horse Dung you can make fuel bricks.

Don’t put the cart before the horse use a shovel behind it. A tradition in some countries is Dried or drying horse/cow Dung you can make fuel bricks. We had a log maker in Orkney- (still, have one) where there are few trees and little wood apart from driftwood on beaches, went foraging old newspapers from the recycle dump…soaking them and pressing them into paper bricks those handmade logs would last an hour. Also Foraged the fields for sheep dung to make a ‘compost tea’ by mixing it with water and waiting… a fertiliser Mum used to run after the coal man- scrap man with a shovel Though My mum always said she preferred custard on her rhubarb.

With energy prices so high you can use your horses manure mix with a bit of straw and water use a brick maker and there you are you have fuel for your fire ! This photo was from Julie Marshall-Hawkins who made the bricks. There are many videos on U tube showing you how to make the bricks