Dec 1, 2022

Exposing BP's Scandalous Greenwashing

BP just announced more profits.UK Shell Oil have just announced a further doubling of their profits.£8bn profits in just 13 weeks. A profit rate of £3.6 million every hour.Exxon alone reported a profit of $17.9B—the highest quarterly profit reported by any oil company in history—while Chevron reported $11.6B, Shell reported $11.47B, & BP reported $8.45BThis is why all these companies fight against Renewables. A windfall tax on “buyback” profit transfers by Shell and BP alone could raise £4.8 billion per year.I watched a sad Documentary with great interest. Journalist researcher Joe Sandler Clarke… exposing BPs scandalous greenwashing and those poor Iraq families - dehumanised victims of the greedy powerful deceitful oil companies BP and Shell and the Iraq government ministers… families who have been exposed by toxic gases from the oil fields Under Poisoned Skies: via BBC iPlayer