Jan 12, 2022

The American Taliban - Abortion Rights and Guns

Keep religion out of Politics, if you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. Freedom of religion is “Hey that’s against my religion, so I can’t do that” NOT “Hey that’s against my religion so YOU can’t do that.”

What are Republican ‘pro-lifers’ saying?

"Don't kill the fetus, wait until it can walk and talk before you murder it!"

'Forced birthers' taking us back to feudalism. Christian fascists who embrace the death penalty, vote against child health and welfare measures, who sit on their hands when schoolchildren are slaughtered by weapons of war.

In America, you don't have a constitutional right to safe abortion, but you do have a constitutional right to purchase a weapon that you want to use in a school shooting.

In the scenario that a woman is raped at gunpoint, the gun has more rights than a woman.

Restricting abortion means more maternal deaths.

Millions of women still need to keep abortion legal and safe.

This conclusion comes from careful state-by-state monitoring of maternal mortality, including deaths occurring at birth and around the time of birth.

The less access to abortion, the greater the chance that women will die in childbirth or pregnancy.

Public health researchers had begun to see an uptick in US maternal mortality, the excess deaths were concentrated in the states imposing the highest number of restrictions on access to abortion.

Texas saw its maternal mortality rate more than double between 2010 and 2014, as the state closed more than half of its abortion clinics and severely cut funding for Planned Parenthood.

Other states with strong “pro-life” lobbies,

mostly in the south, the US now bears the ghastly distinction of having the highest maternal mortality rate of all the world’s wealthy democracies.

States that make abortions hard to get also tend to be stingy about health services- like prenatal and postnatal care, hence less likely to catch the escalating blood pressure or anomalous bleeding that can presage a woman’s death.

Experts on reproductive health, conclude that access to abortion is a measure of a state’s commitment to women’s – and children’s – health in general.

Sometimes, though, the relationship between lack of access to abortion and maternal death is much more direct.

i.e. a woman who wants an abortion because of a pre-existing health condition, like diabetes, that could lead to problems with the pregnancy

but is unable to find one. Or to find one in time, because most states ban abortions before a specified time in the pregnancy – around 18 to 20 weeks.

It can take time to assemble the funds for an abortion, say from a payday loan, or arrange for transportation to a clinic that may be hundreds of miles away.

When the outcome is tragic, it is fair to say that the lack of abortion caused the woman’s death.

The increase in maternal mortality was due, not to a lack of access to abortion, but to inadequate health services for women,

Don’t the anti-choice people have a moral responsibility to check on the availability of health services for pregnant and postpartum women before savagely restricting abortion?

Maybe we need to assemble a body count of the women who have died because they couldn’t get an abortion,

complete with photos of them, their grieving families and orphaned children!

Maybe we should be reading their names aloud at every pro-choice gathering?

We will soon learn that Christ carried a gun and never said "turn the other cheek..”.

And “it’s ok because It’s good people using guns defeating evil people using guns!”

Where are all the "pro-life" people? Why aren't they doing anything about it? Why are they not burning down stores that sell guns and ammunition???? (Rhetorical question 😐)

A uterus is more heavily regulated in the USA now

Than an assault weapon!

Pro-lifers have double standards excusing gun murder- being against gun control laws. Pro lifers only care for the fetus but not for the child once it has been born.

When The NRA national rifle association have their next annual gun rally... Let’s hope their ownership of guns keeps them safe from toddlers school kids and parents’ revenge killings.