Jan 12, 2022

I’ve just tested positive for Covid

I’ve just tested positive… for the very first time with my flow test! 😐

My PCR test result taken yesterday is also ‘positive’.

I’ve not been anywhere much at all for a wee while.

But I had Just come back from a swim- and received news from

someone who’d been visiting -they stayed 3 nights and ate with us…then Told us Monday evening she had just tested positive…so to check-I did a flow test again and tested ‘positive’.

I wondered why I’d felt tired and thought it was the hour’s swimming.

I had begun feeling my ‘normal’ aches and pains in my arms, neck… back, head legs…but felt they were a bit worse- And some asthmatic wheezing.

My lungs are my only worry- (I became asthmatic playing in all those Smokey bars over the years.)

I’ve just been feeling tired… shivery. Think I will rest. Can’t do much else.

waiting for the co-codamol to take effect. (Normally prescribed for my back pains but had avoided using- till now )

Drinking water -and more water.

I’m also fully vaccinated and boosted…(including a flu jab taken at the same time)

Apart from all this… the birds are singing…

Thank you everyone for your good wishes. XX 👍🏼💚❤️💛🖤 I think I’m doing ok.

I’m resting… keeping warm drinking- I have those aches and pains -trying to avoid painkillers till I really have to take them.

I’m happy I had the vaccine and booster -I’d have been much worse without them.

Keeping windows open to freshen the air in the rooms

I will wrap up and go for a gentle wee amble to get outside -fill my lungs and rattling chest with fresh air to energise myself… before resting and resting again…

Thanks again. Stay safe yourselves. Reach out and Say “hello -how are you?” to those you love and miss- call them up- hear their voices - that’s like an injection- of sorts-