Jun 22, 2021

Some captions to add to the photo anyone?

Some captions to add to the photo, anyone?

‘The horse had bolted… nowhere could he find it.’

‘Self-seeking Bojo Searching for his own humanity.’

‘Scientists were recruited and funded to undermine Science with more science.’

“People are always shocked when they discover I'm also not a qualified electrician.” B. Johnson.

‘After discovering that secret money tree after giving rich friends a tax cut-after finding millions to build an expensive yacht-

He searched his pockets- looked Everywhere-he seemed to look in all the wrong places

-yet still he was Unable to find money to give nurses a pay rise.’

‘Looking down the wrong end of the telescope with great hindsight dystopian novels were beginning to look hopeful...

but there would be no one left to read them... ‘

‘His prejudice was now focussed on undermining the proof that tobacco causes cancer.’

‘He discovered that the future was not what it used to be. ...

he would now have to invent it...

and send the bill to those who came after us...’

‘Insignificant events can take on monumental proportions when your head is full of practically nothing.’

‘Significant events can take on minute minimal proportions when your head is full of practically nothing.’

‘His fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by his superficial design flaws.’

Photo Bojo microscope