Jan 11, 2022

Ry Cooder, David Lindley Chicken Skin Music

Glorious band… soulful music

I recall seeing Ry’s Chicken Skin music play in Hamburg when I was a young pup- living and playing there in the late 70s… wonderful… always loved his playful syncopations in his style… and that he used backing singers Bobby King Eldridge King and Terry Evans and others… soul music- 👍🏼

It was always an honour to play with Ry- Flacco and David Lindley at Glastonbury one year - and again on stage with Ali Farke Toure.

Dave Lindley was a lovely-open-accessible person… jamming with him I could tell he was there for the music and love of playing- with no other agenda or aloofness- down to earth. 💚. 💚