Jan 5, 2022

Tory Broken Promises

Promises kept?

I recall promises of more money for our NHS.

empty waffling lies and usual promises.

When promises were made

myths were created promises were believed.

There were other agendas…with no morals...squirming between smirks... giving optimistic speechifying, simplistic slogans, and false promises…fudged decisions…

When people fear the loss of what they know... They will follow any tyrant who promises to restore the old order.

Johnson backtracked on the Heathrow runway... he promised himself to lie down to stop it...

Boris Johnson made a series of contradictory promises to different people.

All that mattered was winning the election. Breaking promises started on 13 December.

Candidates once had to shout their campaign promises from a soapbox, now micro-targeting and newspapers allow them to sidle up to millions of voters and whisper lies and personalized messages in their ears.