Feb 17, 2024

Rory and Kirsty Martin sing and dance workshop. UpRoar Choral Ceilidh!

UpRoar Choral Ceilidh!  

I am currently working with the wonderful Rory McLeod on UpRoar Choral Ceilidh - an original and inclusive community project / workshop comprising a gig, community singing workshop and a bit of a ceilidh dance all rolled into one. 

The idea is that people come to a singing workshop with me and Rory, learning arrangements to some of his songs. He’d play a song, then I teach my arrangement, which fits around his existing arrangement, and then we all sing it together. In between the songs, Rory plays some of his songs solo while I call a ceilidh dance, so that folk alternate singing and dancing. 

It’s simple but exciting - and very gratifying for the singers! We could probably do 3 songs in an hour slot. It’s really great fun for punters - there’s something for everyone! 

This short set could then be replicated on stage at a later time (as part of a bigger set for him) or could just be for then and there.

I do hope this tickles your fancy - it’s a great wee blueprint for a workshop / chilled performance for punters.

Look forward to hearing from you

Kirsty Martin x