Feb 16, 2024

Our NHS, They’ve made a right Jeremy Hunt of it!

I wish everyone well who has cancer, whoever they are. Though Family connections are everything- places in the queue are passed down from one generation to the next through bloodline or family connections where as our Auntie is still waiting in a queue for her treatment. So is my mate’s uncle. I hope you and your families are safe and well.

Private healthcare firms have donated £800,000 to the Tories in the last 10 years. 

A reminder that the Tories voted AGAINST the formation of the NHS over 20 times.

The Tories want to destroy the NHS.

To fix healthcare, I reckon we also need to fix housing, heating, nutrition, sleep, stress, cruelty, education, exercise, isolation and poverty.

This Tory government is responsible for massive drop in number of GPs with closure of A&Es, drop-in centres (or shortening hours) forcing traffic to GPs who just can't cope. Musical chairs! Nurses not enrolling 4 training because of nurses bursary! Tories are Pushing efficiencies of our NHS to the detriment of patient and staff wellbeing.

Even more troubling is the assumption that the public hospital should assume the burden of very complex patients from the private system.

If and when private hospitals negotiate a fixed price for a procedure, it is on the basis of covering both the cases which recover quickly (and generate a profit) and those which have complications which require a longer stay.

Privatisation is a political move to line contractors’ pockets and destroy the power of organised labour. outsourcing low-paid but relatively well-organised hospital ancillary services undermined the trade union strength that had grown in the NHS. 

A contractor not submitting the lowest tender wouldn’t be awarded the contract so Cheapness was the order of the day, not quality!

You don’t hire GPs. You train and retain them. You ensure they don’t burnout. You provide sustainable working conditions. You give primary care more than 8% of NHS budget.

You don’t ‘hire’ GPs, They're not portaloos.