Feb 17, 2023

Mohammed Bin Salman

Terrible scarey despotic regime -a feudalistic kingdom that the UK sell arms to - using sports washing to launder its reputation. Interesting word. The fact that ‘Sorcery and witchcraft are up for the death penalty says a lot about the controlling medieval ideology! Here in the UK. politicians don’t like to bring up the 'awkward' subject of human rights and free speech… unless it’s the Chinese- but not Oil field owning, The soccer club owning, golf tournament organising sponsors the Saudi ruling class! The definition of 'freind' 'ally' 'business partner' is spuriousJust as is the definition of 'our enemies'Doesn’t this tell us more about the Tory government...that they and the Saudi Kingdom have a common enemy -which is human rights and business as usual? Helping the Feudalistic Saudis to use modern technology and warfare to remain in the Stone Age! Anyone any convictions in Saudi Arabia? Can we have a show of hands? !!! As someone diligently looking for work. trying to show keenness..as our Tory government suggest. I’ve looked but these kind of exclusive arms sales applications for deals and financially lucrative opportunities in Saudi Arabia, are not online ...or available in job centres.