Feb 13, 2023

Testing six battery powered Busking Amps on tour

My 2023 National UK tour is about to begin in June. 

Some of this Tour will involve playing on the streets in the open air and in the middle of fields at rural music festivals. Before I go, I hoped and planned to test six battery-powered busking amplifiers available in the U.K. to examine and compare to find which might be most suitably the best.

I hope to examine, test and compare :

  • Coolmusic BP80.

  • Roland Cube-Street EX.

  • Joyo BSK 60.

  • Bose S1 Pro.

  • AER Compact 60.

  • Cube street Boss2...

I'm hoping I can get hold of these amps.

I will write a blog with my results.

Looking for the best busking amp for my and your needs.

I hope to reviewing soon.

I'll be looking for and comparing

  • Quality of sound EQ. Volume power.

  • Looking at inputs. (mic, guitar, line in, if there is phantom power?)

  • Weight Dimensions Wattage. Speakers Compatability

  • Rugged strength durability.

  • Battery power/ kind/ time to charge/ how long last

  • Effects (reverb chorus)

  • Extras (including tuners, blue tooth, samplers, voice harmony)

  • Price.