May 13, 2020

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t Anti Semitic.

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t Anti Semitic.

I'm against racism and antisemitism...I am the proud grandson of my Maternal Russian Jewish grandma I am not a 'self-hating Jew' though that is what Zionists would call a Jew who is against Zionism.

I know there are conservative Tory Jews-I would argue with them against their Tory ideology, not because of their race. I would argue and fight against any racist views a Jewish person held against Moslems or blacks not because they were Jewish but because they held racist views.

There are Jews against Zionism. I'm one. when some shmendrik (that’s Yiddish for fool) says “anti-Zionism is antisemitism” they reveal their racist agenda. Anti-Semitism exists without anti-Zionism; anti-Zionism also exists without anti-Semitism.

Right-wing Jews use the word anti-Semitism as a weapon. There are Jews there Rabbis against Zionism-and against it -not for Antisemitic reasons. Weaponising accusations of antisemitism for another purpose – to purge left-wing members. It cheapens and devalues the term antisemitism. In doing so, it endangers Jews, while doing nothing to combat real antisemitism.

Antisemitism and its weaponisation are Ideological… There were parallel efforts across the Atlantic to accuse and silence Bernie Sanders (of anti semitism which was made more complicated by his Jewishness)

I recall The Tory Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, a supporter of Benyamin Netanyahu, who has been convicted on many corruption charges, including fraud, breach of trust and bribery. He had no moral authority to lecture us on how Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be the Prime Minister of our country. He had politicised his spiritual position to influence voters... Criticism of the criminal actions of a state is not antisemitism” Right-wing Jewish people like this Rabbi are using the word anti-Semitism as a weapon. I’m of Jewish descent. He didn’t represent my views.

Kier Starmer has not been fighting antisemitism; he has been fighting anti-Zionism and socialism.

The Bundist philosophy is diasporic. It fights for absolute equality, freedom and cultural rights for Jews and all minorities in the countries where they live: “Rights and justice for Jews everywhere without wrongs and injustice to other people anywhere”. “There where we live, that is our country. A democratic republic! Full political and national rights for Jews”. A Bund Election poster in Yiddish Ukraine 1918

Zionism represents a form of political dispossession. Because Palestinians live in a state that privileges Jews, they must endure an immigration policy that allows any Jew in the world to gain instant Israeli citizenship yet makes Palestinian immigration to Israel virtually impossible.

Corbyn is not an antisemite… Though The hypocritical Tory press owned by tax-avoiding millionaires have smeared Corbyn by calling him anti-semitic. It’s political smearing. It's more about political ideology…and fear of socialism…They choose to label every critic of Israel as anti-Semitic. There are double standards everywhere here… you have the British xenophobic tabloid the Daily Mail crowing against this mythical ‘Corbyn labour antisemitism. Not one word about Racism in the Tory party, Islamaphobia from Boris Johnson.

I would like to ask... Has Keir Starmer managed to suspend or sack anybody involved in the internal sect that plotted to lose labour in the 2017 election? And If not….Why not?

Corbyn threatened the status quo, they hated it, and just when they saw him get close to becoming PM (he was not many votes off) the smear campaign gathered speed. The ECHR report even highlighted that he wasn't antisemitic, flawed as the report was (Not one of the EHRC’s nine commissioners is Black or Muslim. They are bankers, lawyers and business executives. Many of them have links to the Conservative Party. Its Chief Executive Rebecca Hilsenrath is a self-declared Zionist. Even Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne points out “that the EHRC appeared to favour the Conservatives over Labour, and to take Tory Islamophobia much less seriously than Labour antisemitism.”) it still didn't manage to label labour as having a massive problem. Looking at the data, how many antisemites are in the labour party now? 0, none, nada. The Nationalist, Xenophobic- Millionaire owned Daily Mail, is pretending not to be racist or anti-Semitic while defending racists and anti-Semites. Jumping on the anti-semitism bandwagon- the newspaper was very silent when Boris Johnson was calling Muslim women letterboxes.

No court has convicted Jeremy Corbyn of antisemitism, why is that? The rightwing press abhors Labour antisemitism yet can't point to anyone in the Labour Party who has been convicted of it. Which MP is antisemitic? Do they also abhor conservative antisemitism?

Criticising the Israeli Government is not ‘anti-Semitic’ ... but people have made it so... falsely weaponising ‘anti semitism’... I can see that some anti-Zionists confuse their anti-Israeli government policy as being ‘anti-Jewish’ or against ‘Jewish people.’ One often wrongly and foolishly seems to feed the other... antisemitism exists without anti-Zionism, anti-Zionism also clearly exists without antisemitism.

Israel was claiming that Corbyn and the Labour Party are putting British Jews at risk. But the bottom line is that the Netanyahu government itself is actually enlarging the risk for the Jewish people around the world because they are not dealing with the real problem, just the artificial problem. They are not concerned with real anti-Semitism; they only want to fulfil their political agenda of taking the issue of the Palestinian people off the world stage. The Israeli government are not ready to deal with what they call the old anti-Semitism, the people that are neo-Nazis, or their supporters in power. But they are putting all their efforts into fighting any criticism of Israel instead. The state of Israel has been strengthening its relationship with non-democratic, dictator regimes across the world, in Eastern Europe, with countries like Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine, where they have huge problems with anti-Semitism. On the other hand, you see the Israeli government making their political struggle with Jeremy Corbyn a main issue. A reason for this practice is Israel is using its arms trade to buy votes in international forums against the Palestinian people.

Not all Jews are Zionists... and the original Weaponising is to blame… Anti Zionism is not anti Semitic…

The Labour Party has not been fighting antisemitism; it has been fighting anti-zionism… there are Jews against Zionism…and against it not for Antisemitic reasons.

Creating a new definition.

Israel's fingerprints are evident in these recent efforts to redefine anti-Semitism in a way that moves the centre of gravity away from hatred of Jews towards criticism of Israel. That shift inevitably ensnares any political leader who, like Corbyn, wishes to express solidarity with Palestinians.

Corbyn said, “Anyone claiming there is no antisemitism in the Labour Party is wrong. Of course there is, as there is throughout society, and sometimes it is voiced by people who think of themselves as on the left”.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has said that Jeremy Corbyn’s comment on Thursday about the very low incidence of antisemitism in the party is ‘unacceptable’ even though it’s true. Speaking during a TV interview, Rayner seemed to acknowledge the accuracy of Corbyn’s statement – but considered it unacceptable to say it: The idea that it’s unacceptable to say something true because some would find it offensive is an interesting interpretation of the EHRC report’s clear statement that the right to express opinions about the level of antisemitism in the party is legally protected because free speech is not forbidden. After all, it might offend.

"Corbyn is up against an unholy, ad hoc alliance of right-wing MPs in both the Labour and Tory parties, the Israeli government and its lobbyists, the British security services and the media. "They have settled on anti-Semitism as the best weapon to use against him because it is such a taboo issue. It's like quicksand. The more he struggles against the claims, the more he gets sucked down into the mire." That has been all too evident in months of wrangling inside Labour about how to define anti-Semitism. Under pressure from Corbyn's critics, the party approved a new code of conduct in July based on a highly controversial "working definition" drafted in 2016 by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The adoption of the IHRA definition, however, did nothing to placate Jewish leadership organisations, such as the Board of Deputies, or the JLM. They objected because Labour's code of conduct excluded four of the IHRA's 11 possible "examples" of anti-Semitism - the main ones that relate to Israel. Labour officials feared that including them would severely curtail the party's ability to criticise Israel. Experts agree. David Feldman, director of the Pears Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism at Birkbeck College, London University, has warned of "a danger that the overall effect will place the onus on Israel's critics to demonstrate they are not anti-Semitic".

Double standards everywhere... you have the British xenophobic tabloid the Daily Mail which supported the black shirts and fascists in the 1930s crowing against this mythical ‘Corbyn labour antisemitism. There are Jewish people with all kinds of beliefs and all shades of political leanings... including Tory anti-socialist Jewish people....who are Zionists and there are Socialist Jews against Zionism and apartheid... The JLM (Jewish Labour Movement) ...had in recent years become a largely defunct organisation until it was revived in February 2016 – just as claims of an anti-Semitism crisis in Labour took off. Those who have tried to investigate how the JLM expanded its operations so rapidly say its funding sources are "completely opaque". "It looks suspiciously like the JLM has become a proxy of the Israeli state," Winstanley said. "It is not an organic grassroots movement, as it likes to claim. And it is no accident that it has been the driving force behind the claims of an anti-Semitism problem under Corbyn."

Gerry Mandering. Israel contains close to 5 million non-citizens: Palestinians who live under Israeli control in the West Bank and Gaza (yes, Israel still controls Gaza) without basic rights in the state that dominates their lives. One reason Israel doesn’t give these Palestinians citizenship is that, as a Jewish state designed to protect and represent Jews, it wants to retain a Jewish majority, and giving 5 million Palestinians the vote would imperil that.

The solution would be for the West Bank and Gaza to become a Palestinian state, thus giving Palestinians in those territories citizenship in an ethnically nationalist (though hopefully democratic) country of their own. Last year, Satmar Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum told thousands of followers: “We’ll continue to fight God’s war against Zionism and all its aspects.” Say what you want about Rebbe Teitelbaum and the Satmar, but they’re not antisemites. Neither is Avrum Burg. Burg, the former speaker of the Knesset, in 2018 declared that settlement growth in the West Bank had rendered the two-state solution impossible. Thus, he argued, Israelis must “depart from the Zionist paradigm, and move into a more inclusive paradigm. Israel must belong to all of its residents, including Arabs, not to the Jews alone.” Because of all the tar and feathering and smear campaigns against labour and Corbyn....which we know is happening by the right-wing press... and all... Well-tested disinformation strategies were used to isolate Corbyn from his base of support. I admit I find myself reacting against many of these accusations defensively... because it (this) is such an ideological struggle.... and yes I agree we have to call up stand up against all racism whether it’s from friends travelling companions or our enemy... But I can’t stop thinking that this is what ‘they’ want... to sow seeds of distrust and confusion amongst the left In this way to prevent us from achieving any power in governing our country and any democratic rights.... and the only clear way I can see is to look at WHO is doing the accusing and WHY.... what it is they want to achieve by it..... the kettle calling the kettle black etc.