Apr 2, 2023

GB NEWS and the Millionaire owned Press

Millionaire newspaper owners should have to account for their wealth to their readers and give accounts of how they avoid paying wealth tax...and how all of that affects their political bias and distorted spin on news stories.Aye because printing bias right wing News- forming opinions, capturing minds and propoganda is more of a political project, than a commercial one.Profit isn’t always reaped in the form of money but forming opinions, capturing minds and propoganda.Generating revenue has fallen out of fashion in the media industry. Today, reach is what matters- propoganda is what is being paid for. Among those who have financed the channel are Tory hedge fund managers.Sky News-the last new channel launched in the UK, operates at an annual loss of around £40 million. Murdoch’s decision may be indicative of the motivations behind GB News. Which reinforces the view that GB News is a political project, not a commercial one.‬Reminds me of when ‘free’ leaflets were dropped from Nazi planes during the war written and paid for by Goebbels‬!