Mar 1, 2023

Gary Lineker and the BBC's impartiality!

Gary Lineker never gave the Tories a £400,000 donation, set up an £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson or stood as a Conservative council candidate. But the people who did are lecturing him on the need for impartiality at the BBC.

So a tweet from @GaryLineker has done more damage to the BBC's impartiality, than your chairman who sorted an £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson?

I agree with Stormzy when he said:

‘ How do you know when a government is absolutely unfit to lead?

When footballers have to hold them to account. Marcus Rashford forced them to feed our children and Gary Lineker has had to speak out about inflammatory dehumanising language used by our despicable leaders.’

While we are talking about Nazis…

In the 1930s Lord Rothmere owner of the Daily Mail supported Oswald Mosley’s fascist black shirts and was also in favour of Hitler's Nazis and Was sympathetic to Mussolini.

This explains the Daily Mail's right-wing xenophobic racist stance and bias today.

So we have these papers owned by Rich Men who avoid paying taxes here in the U.K., yet call poor people ‘scroungers’ and ‘vermin’.

We know whose voice they are speaking with. Who’s side they are on and who they are against.

What facts and information do they miss out... and do not want to tell? What do they not want us to know?