Feb 20, 2023

Michell Mone

What is she flaunting or glorifying…But her spoils from ill-gotten taxpayer's money.

Ugly glittery polished shite-lifeless - dining room hell-Expensive and stilted. Is this supposed to be the kind of ‘paradise ‘ that Tories promise? Her idea of paradise looks like a mafia drug baron’s castle den- ex props from a hammer horror film-like she bought all this from a catalogue as quickly as she could with plundered money frivolously spent as quickly as it was stolen from us taxpayers before the law could make her pay back what she pilfered. "I'll have this, 10 of those, 6 of those and a yacht..."

This out of date decor from an arrogant predator’s imagination- all the baronial pretentious bling-empty fools gold- the effect of aspiring to game show prizes- paid for all this with cash....off loading ill-gained public money.

Impoverished by quickly stolen wealth- glittery shiny surfaces- No sweet smells- no birds flying- no nature- no books- no soil, no water, no sensuality, no flowing lines-passionless- no warmth- Just a cold, lifeless facade... superficial-uninhabitable-constrained and artificial.

It's obviously not to my taste!

(As it goes, just for a start, instead of the long hierarchical oblong table I’d prefer a round table- some craftsmanship and a richer depth of wood panelling- if any at all)

Is this just one small part of Tory’s cultural revolution, a draconian dumbing down, crushing our imaginations with some kind of ‘Hello magazine’s elitist… iron-fisted Oligarch's ‘glamour’ with their own dismissive, snobbish, selfish lack of imagination?

Doesn't this photo of a crooked Tory peer show everything ordered feudalistic and in its place? behind the times?