Apr 5, 2024

FLAgs, FALSE FLAGS and SYmbols

I don’t trust flags or symbols...

but if the flag is truly the symbol of freedom as some say it is... then it's impossible to disrespect the flag by exercising the freedoms it's supposed to represent.

This internet is a hall of mirrors and False flags.

We’re in greater danger of beating the drums of war louder, trumpeting the militarists, silencing the critics, and waving the flag.

I reckon Citizens don't fight and die for flags but for embattled communities of people who stir their most profound feelings of sympathy, empathy and common humanity.

Revisiting the politics of the anthem reminds us that our national identity demands an ongoing interrogation of the symbols we use to define ourselves because where and how we hold those conversations tells us far more about who we are and what we value than the symbols do.

Some 'flag lovers,' who are worried about other versions of 'their' flag, are turning the country into uncritical tribalism, the blind flag-wavers seem to be those who want to preserve the past while stopping the future from being born, prejudiced cowards for power, uninterested in community and justice, united by delusions about their ancestry and by a common hatred of their neighbours.

We have Orangemen

sabre rattling, constipated flag shaggers. When a bunch of Irish men dress as Englishmen to celebrate a Dutch man to show their loyalty as Ulstermen.

For many, the reason for bigotry isn't as important as the act of bigotry. When you hate so much, that you can't even remember why you hate in the first place.

Some seem to celebrate hatred, intimidation and racism to anyone who isn't like them.

The true face of ‘the empire’. What Empire?

It's not “Let’s Get racism done.” It's not “Let’s get hunger done.” It's not “Let’s make malnourishment and famine history,” but it's "Let’s paint a Union Jack on an aeroplane to prove we are big wigs, big shots... and not afford to give Nurses more pay....in fact, they will cheer when the nurse's pay rise doesn’t go through,

so we can afford the money to paint a British flag in case people don’t realise we’re British.

"Let’s make Britain prominent again! Let’s make Britain crucial, vital, impressive, ginormous, and noteworthy and Let’s make Britain splendid, powerful, essential, glorious and paramount.... again..."

And yes, "Let’s quietly screw the poor again...and make the rich richer."

Regarding the Union Jack up on Everest.

Tensing was the real hero.

Hillary could not have made it without Sherpas carrying his bags.

Tensing was certainly first or else he was made to wait with the bags so Hilary could take the first step on behalf of That colonial enterprise of sticking your flag on what was not yours.

Sherpas went up and down Ten, Fifteen, many times without glory, without ownership.

The Union Jack is a conflagration in some parts of the world, a butcher's apron. although Polish air pilots helped us win the war... as well as the French resistance and more... now all of our previous allies are being called ‘Johnny foreigners’. Now insular Nationalism Is growing.

I have never liked flags, any flags, OK, except for use in semaphore...or as a warning of road works.

I'm recalling the scene when Chaplin’s tramp was running after a truck holding a red flag that had fallen off a workman’s trying to return it-

Without realising that suddenly, from another street turning, Workers are marching and end up behind him- The tramp ends up leading a march, and the cops arrest him for leading the protest march.

An allegory on the US. witch hunt of ‘radicals’.

Among some Irish republicans, the Union Jack flag is referred to as the ‘butcher’s apron’.

A reflection of how much it has been misused.

Note to the flagshaggers.. just because you have spent years shagging something... doesn't mean you own it.

You flagulating.

It's Flagellation gone mad.

Here’s some bunting for you. I can see your patriotic spirit is beginning to flag, your limp and drooping sovereignty, power and control are at half mast, your empire has failed, will not stand at attention, poor impotent nationalist, pennant addict, you need some jolly rogering.

here's a Jolly Roger.