Feb 3, 2022

Boris Johnson’s oven ready. Chicken Kyiv!

Boris Johnson’s oven ready. Chicken Kyiv!

Johnson- Rushing to Ukraine is a show-a sham performance diversion and ‘distraction’ from his own law-breaking and the shite mess he’s left at home- an act- to impersonate the role of a ‘statesman’ - when really he’s an inept, lethal liar, a bull in a China shop-worse than Neville Chamberlain- he’s an amateur-dangerous racist sociopath. Looking for a Belgrano to sink.

The only thing Johnson is trying to save is his own skin.

Just as Johnson's intervention as foreign secretary made the situation even worse for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. There are Echoes of Brexit negotiations!

And Perhaps creating a fear of ‘enemies’ Fuelling the flames- with Xenophobia.

He’s more likely to trigger war in Ukraine… going there to give Russia more ammunition!

Levelling up? more like ‘Levelling down’ to the great equaliser ‘death!’

With luck, They might usher him into a nearby Siberian fridge.

The irony is that Boris is in the pockets of the Russians…Moscow worked hard to get this Tory Government elected. I can hear them say,

‘Let’s exploit that weakness.’

The sharks have smelled blood.

Can anyone think of an example of British Tory diplomacy making anything better, for any country…diplomacy from the tactless Tory dangerous buffoon.

While Liz Truss Tory foreign secretary fails to know the difference between the Baltic and Black Seas, which are more than 700 miles apart.

‘From the people who brought you Brexit...the best minds of their generation.’

To keep the fear factor up back home in the UK.

“But how can that be true? We are exceptional and important....”

Johnson and the Tory government don’t see a need for diplomacy -they believe that their innate god-given superiority will cow other countries into submission.

It’s not diplomacy it’s, ‘I’m here, I’m here, look at me, listen to me drone on, I know best.’ This Tory government should just be allowed to make a balls up of their domestic policy… and to be able to export it globally!

We Didn't need a crystal ball to foresee a wrecking ball!

The profits for the Arms industry and the death toll will soar together.

The UK and USA have been behind most wars of the last couple of centuries so why change now.

“British diplomacy” is a contradiction in terms

Going around messing up everyone else's shit as well. This must be the levelling they've been going on about!

Let’s talk about cheese, and wine again.

Or someone Ambushed by a cake.

We laugh at the absurdness of our failed PM. It’s not lost on any of us -the tragedy that is this Tory government.

Johnson wants to be seen as being tough with Putin while at the same time one of his main aims…is to make the EU look weak and ineffective! All while facilitating the Russian oligarch's fabulous lives in London!

Joshua Silver asks, “How long now before the Kremlin simply publishes the bank transfer details for their £8 million 2016 donation to Cummings’s EU leave campaign? That would really put the cat among the pigeons.”

Let’s talk about cheese, and wine again.

Or someone Ambushed by a cake.

Oven ready. Chicken (Kiev) Kyiv?! Johnson’s He’s gone to Ukraine with his kid’s oven gloves on to hide in a fridge.


Have they got a Belgrano for him to sink over there?

Maybe Johnson has… in his absence …employed others to lie down in front of imaginary bulldozers at Heathrow to honour one of his many grandiose promises?

The same Tory who told us they were going to give £325m a week to the NHS is going to raise our NI contributions by over 10% to pay for the NHS!

Ex-Russian intelligence staff say 85% of their work is not spying, but “political funding and misinformation"

This brings us to Funding and Misinformation news

Since 2012, the Tory party has had almost £3m in donations from members of Putin’s cabinets.

14 current govt ministers have received donations from individuals or companies connected to the Russian leadership. Priti Patel said the Russia Report could be ignored because it was now 9 months old and “out of date”

The govt delayed the release of the report for 9 months, and the reasons given were described as “simply not true” (aka "misinformation") by the Intelligence Committee.

One of the other many pressing stories that remain to be told from the Snowden archive is how Western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation destruction.