Dec 6, 2022

Andrew Tate

Some army training teaches hyper-masculinity, misogyny, racism, and a hatred of other cultures.These publicity seeking bawbags believe that attracting comments and controversy is the key to success-they say ‘you want arguments, you want war.’ The right wing press feed their arrogance. they have a psychopathic self belief in their own superiority.We’ve witnessed the bullying racist by misogynist Clarkson, a forging rabid dog and It seems some like him and that other bloke ‘what’s his face’ cannot tolerate a great female personality in loyal and happy comradeship, without feeling her growth and development to be fetters on his own ego.To dehumanise anyone- as history shows - it will lead to violence - murder and genocide. As we have seen when People around the world, are denigrated, demeaned, slandered and reduced to subhuman caricatures

So he’s addicted to stress, getting what he wants-working to get what he wants Compulsively. Yes the financial system is a game run by those who own it. So he’s learning the rules so he can play the game to win against the system- investing etc. Playing it Like the Mafia. He’s still a Bawbag… like Clarkson and other narcissistic bullies.

Andrew Tate isn’t feminism’s inadvertent bastard child. He’s sexism’s last gasp