Jan 27, 2023

Walking Ramblers rights

Walking allows us to talk to each other on a deeply personal level.

From 1 January there will be only 2 years left to add rights of way on to the definitive map (the legal record of rights of way) on the basis of historical evidence.https://www.ramblers.org.uk/.../how-to-claim-an...In order to make a claim for a right of way based on public use, the law (section 31 of the Highways Act 1980) requires that you're able to show all of the following: A period of at least 20 years' uninterrupted use by the public.An outdoor living room.England is full of spaceand there are walls that hide that space.People heed to connect with nature personally in order to care about it.Re HS2But When trees interrupt the passage of a street or rail or road The trees themselves are defined as trespassing and killed for their crimes.

Claiming unrecorded public rights of way

Palser Rickets told me, "The Common Ground by Richard Mabey is a beautiful book which explains all the rights we USED to have, things like pannage, the right to graze your pigs in woodland."