Feb 27, 2022

Ukrainian Refugees

27 Feb 22

Thinking of Our Jewish Grandma who was just 9 months old when she and her brother were brought over from Zhytomyr Ukraine to East London before the Russian Revolution. Where she was raised with the rest of her 7 siblings who were born here. She Came from where Ukrainians are fleeing now. As refugees... I hope they’re made welcome here. (the majority of ones who aren't fascists of course) Our existence today derives from chance, courage and the kindness of strangers then. Poland can manage it. Why can’t we?

(A friend Just heard today on LBC that Poland is not allowing Africans in Ukraine across the border!!)

Some are saying You can only negotiate from a point of strength. That sending Weapons will give Ukraine leverage. To create the scenario of a long and expensive quagmire for Putin how they will force him to negotiate a peace treaty. But Won’t this be at the cost of many thousands of lives to advance US strategic interests while making vast fortunes for the arms industry…as the weapons manufacturers rub their hands with glee?

commentators and ‘experts’ are saying this whole event ‘proves’ that everyone needs to increase defence spending, and improve weapons, and armed forces! Is this war going to Become a distraction from our own shite government's policies?

Some argue for more countries to become nuclear powers. As if that will help achieve peace. Are some of these people in bed with the military-industrial complex profitable business of war?

So The US will sacrifice as many Ukrainians as necessary to thwart Russia?

Some say “Ceasefire yes, but it needs to be negotiated from a position of power” that not doing so is tantamount to accepting Russian aggression. But saving lives isn’t the driving force here…..

If saving lives mattered to the arms industry they wouldn't have a job or make a profit.

it's not a video game!

Some say the US pouring weapons into Ukraine over the last 8 years is one of the primary reasons for Russia’s invasion. Arms went to the Nazis inside Ukraine. Zekenski being Jewish makes no difference. The neo-Nazi marches and increasing rise has been going on for 8 years and Zelensky did not stop it. The CIA doesn't care about people's identities. Top US. foreign policymaker Sen. Bob Menendez couldn’t say whether his bill would monitor where U.S.-funded arms end up. Such as white supremacists like the Azov Battalion, a unit in the Ukrainian National Guard with ties to the country’s far-right, ultranationalist National Corps party and Azov movement…a foreign terrorist organization, that uses the internet to recruit new members and then radicalizes them to use violence to pursue its white identity political agenda. These are white identity terrorists, anti-semitic, and Islamophobic.

Ukraine has already received tons of ammunition and weapons from the U.S. but was unconcerned that U.S.-funded weapons could fall into the wrong hands.

the “Leahy vetting” process is/was supposed to certify whether foreign forces have committed “gross human rights violations” before greenlighting U.S. government support. But that has proved ineffective in making sure that neo-Nazis in the Azov Battalion weren’t receiving U.S. training.

Menendez said. “But there’s always a risk if you have an invasion and others take over, there’s always a risk that anywhere in the world that arms can be used by someone else,” he added, despite evidence that neo-Nazis already exist in the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine has already received from Lithuania Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, the small, lightweight weapons that the U.S. famously armed the mujahideen with during the 1980s war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union.

Pouring more weapons into Ukraine is how you create a long and expensive military quagmire for Russia at the cost of many thousands of lives to advance US strategic interests.