Dec 1, 2022

Tory Party Comfortable for Fascists

So the Tory Party has become a place in which people associated with extreme right wing, even fascist organisations can settle in comfortably - and become local councillors, until they are found out. Who would have guessed that this could happen in the party of the Hostile Environment, which has maintained formal alliances in European bodies with antisemitic, Islamophobic, anti-Roma, anti-refugee movements and parties and does so still today as the largest representative body in the "European Conservatives and Democratic Alliance(!)" group in the Council of Europe? There they cooperate with Le Pen's National Rally party, the Brothers of Italy, Orban's Fidesz, the AfD in Germany, Sweden "Democrats", Vox in Spain.This particular case, that has just come to light, involved a local councillor in Kent who was associated with the New British Union, which seeks to revive the ideas of Oswald Mosley and uses the insignia of his deeply antisemitic, fascist movement.Charming. ’ by David Rosenberg