Apr 20, 2022

Streaming platforms, royalties for fake artists, Why My music is not on Spotify/apple.

Streaming platforms, royalties for fake artists. Interesting article

One of the reasons why My music is not on Spotify/apple.

I’ve avoided the 'Spotifies' and 'I tunes' streaming and download sites ....and I am holding out by selling downloads and CDs through my ‘archaic’ online shop.... to remain Independent and not be ripped off.....though some mates have told me that I should go with those ‘big Boys’ and corporate stores... that ...not to....is like being in that tiny Wee shop that people have to venture and walk down Those winding back narrow streets to find my shop.... instead of being in the huge hyper supermarket that is visible on the front promenade. Well, I said…let them enjoy their wandering and walking...it’s not That far to ‘click’.

The other argument I have been told is that 30 per cent of something is better than 100 per cent of nothing....😐

That might depend if the said artist is still gigging and playing live or not...and has their CDs with them to sell.... its a trickling amount but at least no one is taking 90 per cent of your money...

it can feel like resisting a siege or some kind of blockade or trade embargo but you still have some control... depending on how patient you are... I still have a distributor who will get physical CDs into some of the shops and....yes they will take their cut but I don’t begrudge them that. I don’t advertise my shop anywhere. ( https://www.talkativemusic.co.uk) (except now!) I just sell my own self-produced recordings.

Info: On Bandcamp, I get paid only if you buy a download. The streaming is supposed to be for ‘honest’ sampling so people can listen before they buy the download.