Feb 1, 2023

Remembering Jeremy Hardy

Remembering Jeremy Hardy who died 4 years ago. Jeremy was accessible interested and a thoughtful Lovely caring man-with such an intelligent sharp skill blending humour and laughter with politics and human rights… deeply missed by many of us . I fondly recall Singing and Playing at a refugee benefit gig in the mid 80s with two Jeremy’s Hardy and Corbyn and Michael Rosen- at the Union Chapel. Recalling Jeremy’s humour:“People say I’m self-deprecating,” he’d say, “but I don’t think I’m very good at that.”Jeremy Hardy.the crucifixion (“People blame the Jews. But I’ve got lots of Jewish friends and they’re all hopeless at DIY. They could never get a cross to stand up like that, not for three days”).At his great friend Linda Smith’s funeral, as mourners were asked to cast flower petals into the sea and “take the moment to remember Linda”, he turned to Mark Steel and said: “Thanks for that. I was thinking of remembering General Franco.”X Here’s a photo of Jeremy in Orkney- a place Twatt close to where I lived some Years ago.