Jan 15, 2022

Privatising Our NHS


Rishi Sunak himself was meeting US Private Healthcare bosses only last month regarding contracts within the NHS

This a reminder that the Tories voted AGAINST the formation of the NHS over 20 times.

The Lib Dems also voted against

Action is needed

This Tory government are doing it by stealth, bit by bit. Deliberately underfunding the NHS to create a crisis to look like more and more privatisation is the only answer.

Arse about tit. A Nurse starts on £25k an MP £82k + expenses. One deals with shit, the other creates it. The wages of people at the bottom are “unaffordable” but never the wages of people at the top. They paid £370,000 of public money to keep the truth about Priti Patel hidden from the public. The same government that would only give NHS staff a 1% pay rise gave Dominic Cummings a 40% pay rise-