Oct 8, 2022

Private water companies are taking the piss and giving us shite

The Penalties for the polluting- affluent water- waste companies should be higher- they're taking the piss- giving us shite - effluence -

Sovereignty is a myth ...after many years of Tory privatisation. It’s not about sovereignty. It’s not about taking back control. It’s not about British values or British autonomy. It’s about locking deregulation and the demolition of public services in place, by means that cannot be challenged by either people or parliament

The list goes on and on...

-- Water companies

-- Anglian Water (1989)

-- North West Water (1989)

-- Northumbrian Water (1989)

-- Severn Trent (1989)

-- South West Water (1989)

-- Southern Water (1989)

-- Thames Water (1989)

-- Welsh Water (1989)

-- Wessex Water (1989)

-- Yorkshire Water (1989)