Dec 8, 2021

Nightingale Hospital was only built for photo opportunities.

So Nightingale Hospital was only built for photo opportunities. just warehouses with no equipment- no proper ventilation and no staff

It was just A PR stunt!

Staff are still unavailable, after the Tory cull and Brexit -there are not enough people to staff it.

There aren't enough staff in the NHS to fill the existing jobs.

To add more beds we need more staff.

To add more hospitals we need more staff.

To add more staff we need more training & better pay…

Instead of paying doctors and nurses an absolute pittance, treating them badly and kicking out thousands because they aren’t “British enough”

There's a record shortfall in staff.

The staff was meant to come from real hospitals. But of course, real hospitals are understaffed already The NHS struggles to find staff for existing hospitals.... so they couldn't spare any staff.

They don't have enough staff to cover the beds they have.

This Tory government made applying and training for jobs expensive, they've frozen wages again and again, encouraged a toxic atmosphere where patients are blaming the health service for things outside their control, and Tory underfunding. Our NHS is under-invested since 2010

The government were pretending that there was £350m for the NHS…in order to get the population to vote for Brexit.

It is clear that Tory governments' since 2010 intention was to underfund NHS. even before Brexit.

Tories scrapped both

After giving away £bills to their PPE and Test Trace employers.

There are over 20,000 fewer hospital beds since the conservative government has been in power. 12 years of Tory cuts!

£2.15 billion went to private hospital companies, including:-

Circle Health Holdings - £468.1m

Spire Healthcare - £ 430m

Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Ltd - £385m

Did any of these contracts give the taxpayer value for money?