May 30, 2022

Metric versus imperial -ism

I’m now going to need to grow extra fingers on each hand with which to count.

The USA often uses both metric and imperial, so if a conversion is missed, buildings can end up with major structural flaws!

It’s numerical Babel!

NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter was designed to study Mars from orbit and to serve as a communications relay for the Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space probes. The mission was unsuccessful due to a navigation error caused by a failure to translate English units to metric.

The sun has suddenly become further away Calculated by the distance from a man's elbow to the end of his middle finger. It will give us the longer arm of a new law…

Who said size isn’t everything?

We will have a New benchmark.

Measure for measure an eye for an eye… Quid pro-euro... Things are looking heavier and heavier and further and further away than they used to and hotter… The sun is now quite a few paces away…

Nuts and bolts in Cars are metric so when it comes down to the essentials the nitty gritty- our square holes fundamentally won’t allow your round Pegs to fit.

My Capacity to calculate capacity has changed!

The sun has become now quite a few less paces away- beyond belief- my yardstick doesn’t reach-now it has caught fire...

When Ruler King Canute rules the waves- infinite rulers shall be redivided.

Incalculable depths shall be plumbed We shall have footage of the event- our footfall- where we tread shall be marked-demarcated This is how the government are intending to level the country out.

Six decimal points to the right For us Six decimal points to the left for them We can now have more of less.

Size? Feet Outgrown magnitude

Kids need new shoes Size? Sighs…!

Spirit level? Spirit levels Low Spiritual Levels Pasteurise? No…way past my knees but just up to My my mum would say about running a bath.

The government will also be inventing the square They’re scared of revolutions.