Dec 1, 2022

Lula Wins the Brazilian Election.

Lula wins the Brazilian election. Great news though Bolsonaro isn’t the kind of man who is going to concede graciously… like Trump… will he want a recount?Vigilance is needed. Watch out for another coup…The kind of powers that sabotaged the economy who brought down the Allende government in Chile and Gough Whitlam in Australia-and the ejected government in Grenada.The rich corporations are not going to sit back and let Lula achieve their goals and implement their manifesto without a fight.The words thwart-scupper-cripple-undermine-disable-weaken come to mind.I’m not being pessimistic.I’m very happy- Lula have won -of course and I celebrate-I’m also trying to be unsentimental-faithful but hard nosed. Solidarity addendum voter suppression and Manipulation!BREAKING : Reports of federal police (PF) and federal highway police (PRF) blocking roads and conducting unwarranted vehicle searches in Lula voting areas across Brazil. The Workers Party (PT) has filed a formal complaint with the electoral authorities.