Nov 28, 2022

Labours Latest Purge

It's hard to win when you have both the Tories and your own party working against you. And the millionaire press demonising you. While the Labour party are Scrabbling for Tory votes, Left-wing Jews are being expelled from the Labour party! Jewish voice for Labour have said in a statement, “In suspending and then expelling Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi the party has disenfranchised the thousands of members who elected her to the National Executive Committee. They have been deprived of her voice as one of the nine directly elected constituency party representatives. This disregard for democracy is an attack not just on Naomi but on the rights of all members.” The process against Naomi is marked by bias, hostility and prejudice against her as a left-wing Jew.

Labour’s latest purge: bias, hostility and prejudice