Jun 18, 2021

Johnson meets with antisemite Hungarian leader Orban.


Johnson meets with antisemite Hungarian leader Orban.

Orban, an Anti Semite who was praised by Israeli Netanyahu as “a true friend of Israel!”

This is an insult to the GRT, Jewish & Muslim and LGBTQ+-ers communities under attack from Orban’s Government... Victor Orban is an antisemite- Holocaust revisionist- who speaks of "Muslim invaders," who gerrymandered voting districts in a move that helped him remain in power. Who said in 2019 “We don't want Hungary to be a diverse country. We want to be how we were 1,100 years ago," harking back with nostalgia to that ‘golden era’...known as the Dark Ages!

Johnson met Viktor Orban But he wouldn't meet: Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice.

Johnson had a Very ‘successful’ meeting with Viktor Orban. Because Johnson agreed not to call Orban out on his racist, anti-immigrant, islamophobic, authoritarian regime, and his physical abuse of detained refugees and Orban agreed not to call Johnson out on his.

Johnson was rolling out the red carpet for Viktor Orbán. These two illiberal nationalists hoard power by taking away power from the courts both have Steve Bannon in common. In 2017, Steve Bannon asked Nigel Farage to be part of a "convening authority" to "knit together a populist nationalist movement around the world" He mentioned Modi, Orban, Sisi, Duterte, La Pen, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro Italy’s Matteo Salvini, & Polish PM, Mateusz Morawiecki. This is TransNationalism, the rise of the far-right...who have been organising for some time now.

Orban, who was praised by Netanyahu who called him “a true friend of Israel” has not long ago praised Hungary’s WWII leader Miklos Horthy, calling him an “exceptional statesman”. Horthy was in fact an ally of Hitler & his regime collaborated with the Nazis.

We’ve had no condemnation of the Johnson-Orban meeting from Jewish Zionist establishment organisations... they should have done (it seems that they too can’t bring themselves to condemn pro-Israel antisemites. Such as Stephen Pollard who is Writer and editor for the Jewish Chronicle. Pollard was once a leader writer for the migrant/refugee-baiting newspaper the Daily Express and its partner in crime the Daily Mail.

The disreputable & malevolent Jewish Chronicle who, YET AGAIN, has had to retract a story alleging ANti Semitism in high-profile left-wingers. Have had to admit that yet another of their stories Was NOT TRUE and have been forced to issue a public apology and pay undisclosed damages for printing false accusations... being found guilty of lying about their left-wing targets... such as anti-racist campaigner Marc Wadsworth. And publishing false news relating to Palestine in the past.

Interesting distorted bias here. The Uk press on socialist Jeremy Corbyn: “Rabid antisemite!”

The Uk press on rabid antisemite Viktor Orban: “Controversial populist.”

More evidence that those who weaponised anti-Semitism aren’t genuinely interested in anti-Semitism. Cosying up to a genuine anti-Semite in Victor Orbán is perfectly fine for Zionists.

If a Martian farts on Venus? It's Corbyn's fault.

It appears that constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, while he was the leader of Labour, were never really about Antisemitism? But More was ‘Anti Socialism.’

Photo DAILY MAIL 1930's Headline 'Hurrah for black shirts'


We saw these double standards with Tory PM Mrs Thatcher. During her time as Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher openly called a ‘terrorist "true friend", She invited a terrorist into her home for tea and personally lobbied against a terrorist's prosecution for war crimes. Thatcher's support for Chile's former torturer-in-chief General Pinochet is no secret; it was something she was proud of. Yet she called Mandela a… freedom fighter against racist apartheid… a ‘terrorist.’

Double standards. Political hypocrisy. It is motivated and very selective criticism.