Jan 30, 2021

Immigrants are not taking our jobs

Immigrants/strangers always get the blame for every crime that ever happens and even more in these days of xenophobic Brexit and fascist politicians and presidents.

Immigrants are not taking Our jobs...

In Cornwall Daffodill farmers needed pickers

Those farmers didn’t want to employ British Cornish locals... my friends tried to get work there... those Farmers illegally employed cheaper foreign labour... who worked in shite conditions....those migrants didn’t know better... the farmers refuse to pay the minimum wage.... were avoiding paying a living wage.....those Farmers were to blame... it is their greed you should be criticising.... the same greed that perpetuates the system we live under....here... (Just the same in the USA Mexican labour was brought in to pick Grapes and crops in California) Minimum wages should be paid to everyone... Immigrants are not taking Our jobs Those jobs are willingly being given by employers who are breaking the law... because they want to become the same rich Billionaires that Xenophobes and racists seem to be defending.