Mar 6, 2023

Hohner Crossover Harmonicas.

I'm often asked what kind/brand of harmonica I play.

There are many great playable brands and models on the market.

I recommend Hohner Diatonic Crossover Harmonicas.

It's an improvement of the wooden Marine Band harmonica I played for years.

I like the laminated bamboo wooden combs because they don't swell when they get wet and dry, they are more stable.

Tone-wise I personally prefer wood to plastic or metal. Lighter and more comfortable to hold in my hand.

The crossover itself has a bright tone. The sound cuts through well

The two Phillips screws on either side of the metal plates ensure a more airtight instrument making it louder, the sound has more projection and so also gives the harmonica better tone control...the reeds respond well.

You can easily unscrew the cover plates, and open them up to clean the reed plates.

It costs much more than Marine Band, so depends on your budget.

If you're a beginner learning to play harmonica then I would get a cheaper Hohner Marine band first, then upgrade when you can afford to.