Mar 26, 2022

Free Speech, Protest, Censorship and Disinformation and Double standards

Their disinformation campaigns aren’t enough for them…their twisting of facts and bias…speech can be taken out of context.

The Governments wish to silence criticism-

From Putin to Netanyahu to the UK government.

They don’t want debate.

Our government don’t like to bring up the 'awkward' subject of human rights and free speech unless it’s the Chinese- not The Saudis but Putins, not Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu- not Assange-

Don't criticise the Chinese- the benevolent Chinese government- when they’re waving money at Tory ministers- (Mr Cameron)

Not the Saudi Kingdom because they are our 'Friends' and they buy our weapons-

just as Argentinian dictator Galtieri did...weapons that were used against British Troops in the Malvinas (Falklands)

Just as Sadam was once the USA’s friend trained by the CIA.

Our Tory prime minister and other ministers have been lying about lying, denying history, and events, denying saying something that they had just said on air, something that they were even recorded as saying, and yet they are later denying they had ever said it.

Denying evidence, Is a different form of ‘censorship...forbidding the truth…a sinister attempt to rewrite history, to re-count, and to dismiss witnesses as liars.

We have Paid liars-who rich corporations have hired and ‘paid’, so-called, ‘scientific experts’, hired to speak to validate their mining, their oil industry and their fracking corporations.

Censorship is also about the choices we as humans are not offered, given or allowed to have.

Many Governments have condemned and demonised anyone who ever protested, went on strike and fought for equality…labelling activists and ‘truth-tellers as unpatriotic.

We’ve seen the use of antisemitism accusations

Weaponised antisemitism was used as a tool to silence criticism of Zionism and the apartheid state of Israel.

We need to learn from the history of censorship...

Including the purges in Germany when the Nazis were burning Books.

The Nazis rose to power and afterwards, they began the purging of their chosen targets, one by one, group after group. We saw an inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of threats that arise gradually. We can see how racism and the rise of Fascism had begun by picking people out, singling them out because of their race or religion.

We need to learn from the history of censorship...

Galileo's observations and writings were censored, particularly regarding heliocentrism, and not completely published after much more than 50 years, 1758 and the church tried to wipe out all records of the trial and their censorship of his writings. The church's revision was political and opportunistic.

It wasn't until 1990, 400 years later, that the church reluctantly apologised...posthumously to Galileo...and acknowledged its errors, which makes one realise and wonder... about what the church will end up apologising for in the future for the ignorance they are perpetrating today!

It shows just how far behind the times the church is! 400 years!

A question for debate is whether 'Free speech with poor education leads to holocaust deniers getting any traction.' Can we argue that censorship isn’t the answer? But Quality education is?

One form of censorship- We have imprisonment- while Assassination is the most extreme form of censorship!

(First, they came for the £80k+ earners and I did not speak out.)😐

The Assange case has become more than the narrow prosecution of one controversial person. Isn’t This a crossroads moment for the whole world, for speech, reporting, and transparent governance?

We have selective freedom of speech.

They say the first thing to die in war is Truth.

Now governments and ideologues are

jamming the signals, sowing confusion.

They no longer need to silence the dissident shouting in the streets;

they can use a megaphone to drown the dissident out.

Censorship through noise.

People are now saying things like:

“My mind is made up don’t confuse me with facts.’

Our Government and the US government and others are willing to address human rights in other countries

while they have issues in their own countries.

It's coming? It’s here

They’re trying to bring it in more and more.

The same people here complained and were offended by footballers kneeling in peaceful protest.

There was a peaceful protest against injustices. Then there were less than peaceful protests after peaceful protests were ignored.

The people of Lancashire were peacefully protesting against fracking... because their local democratic vote against Caudrilla fracking was ignored by the Tory government... Who bought votes from the DUP...

Remember that? That thing called Democracy?

Just as the USA are for democracy unless the ‘wrong’ people are elected! As happened in Grenada and Chile those years ago… when Mrs Thatcher’s friend torturer General Pinochet was installed and took power.

Double standards.

It’s like our NHS

They tell us they’re not selling off the NHS

US Insurance companies and Pharma not buying the NHS But it will be acquired, taken, obtained procured, relinquished surrendered...slowly incrementally just like our

Freedoms of speech and rights to protest.

They will be constantly "boiling the frog"

While watching our houses burn down we will be invited by our unrepentant arsonist to "come together".