Feb 11, 2022

Cressida Dick Racism and misogyny in the Met Police force.

Whoever replaces Cressida Dick has to break the culture of racism and misogyny that has dominated not just the Met but every police force up and down the country.

But a lot of the officers below her…in the chain, haven't exactly done anything to stop these things either, they'll continue in their roles, senior roles, continuing to cover up for each other and stay hidden in the shadows,

There should be a complete clear-out of senior officers because SHE did not operate alone. She clearly had allies. These officers also need to be removed if public faith is to be restored.

Why are there over 600 serving officers in the Met with claims of domestic violence? There were a large number of (unprosecuted) complaints about sexual assaults by officers.

Her force employed Sarah Everard’s murderer. This sacrificial lamb won't change much.

It was positive we got a woman commissioner without being tokenistic..or giving the appearance of sexual or racial equality within the police force... but

she denied that there was both institutionalised racism AND institutionalised sexism in the Met.

Has she soured things for other more competent women officers?

I would have liked to have seen her lead the vigil for Sarah Everard and to have spoken in humility and strength as a woman and leader of the police service.

It seems She didn't care about womanhood, only her own power.

Cressida Dick should also have opened an investigation into Sunak's cancelling of the fraud of this pandemic. Fraud is a police matter, not an MP's choice.

The Commissioner is appointed by the Home Secretary - with advice from the Mayor.

So it's down to Priti Patel!!

Patel will surely select a loyal person she can influence as a replacement!!

Instead of investigating crimes that have happened... will the crimes of the government be overlooked even more?

Let's look into who promoted Cressida Dick and have a look at other high-ranking positions currently occupied-

We need someone non-partisan a servant to the Law and to the public but not the politicians.