Feb 26, 2022

Cover band-Job application to pubs

Some Folk music traditionalists might say I’m not traditional enough. Rock lovers might prefer that I should plug in my acoustic guitar to a tower of amps. I tell jazz lovers I am 'Traditional-Avant-Garde,' You’ll find me in the ‘difficult listening’ section of that one record shop left in your area for 100 miles… Or in the ‘Independant and stubborn’ section…! Punks might say I’m singing too much about feelings, relationships… Tories will say that I’m too political…But Isn’t it just as political to ignore politics, history and current issues? I sing in my own accent….Americans might say they need subtitles…

Many ‘unmanaged, independent’ musicians and singer-song makers are still struggling to get themselves bookings...in places...these days some venues only want to book cover/tribute bands.

I have drafted a Cover band-Job application to pubs, a draft letter I've not yet sent.


I’m in a cover band I hear you like to book and engage cover bands to play in your venue.

I cover Rory McLeod songs-not as fast- I take more time- I find it painful to bend over to pick up the guitar so… I Just don’t put it down.

Have the red and black checked plaid shirts. 8 of them.

Please contact

Rory McLeod. I can also DJ and do beatbox dubstep, drum and bass toasting versions of Rory McLeod songs.

M.C. Loud

Available for bookings now… please contact...etc.

'Covering the songs of Rory Mcleod... just like him, but different each time...'


“Looks just like him... but a bit older...”

“Great make-up... I really thought it was Rory”

“Rory MC.Loud Tribute Band.. better than the real thing...just like instant potatoes are better than real spuds”

"If The Polis and Fleetwood MAC tribute band, Stiff little calf muscles, Bob Zimmerframe, ‘Straight and Gay Bakers on Acid’ Freddy and the Dreamers, the Cockney Acceptables, or Ian Druid, Covered Rory they wouldn’t sound like this...”

“Grandparents bring your Grandchildren.... grandchildren bring your grandparents...”

“I thought he had died”.... Orson Cart. Strolling Bones Magasine.

“More expensive than Rory to book... but then... you’re not getting the real thing...just a very good imitation by someone who looks like him... even down to the red checked shirt... unbelievable”

“Worth every pound”

On Improvising Solos.

"Give MC. LOUD 60 seconds and he will decorate it."

"They play for hours... just like him...You can’t get them off stage..."

“More endurance than Ken Dodd” The Trombone owners weekly.

"How did MC. Loud start as a one-man band ?"

Rory said: "I thought that if I start a cover band doing my own songs... I might do better than I do as myself...Then I can play in all those places that cover bands play in where original music is frowned upon. Then I could get at least 3-4 gigs a week... not including private functions and weddings". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!