Jan 25, 2022

Calum Morrisson Stromness RIP

Jan 25 22

Calum Goodbye lovely friend such a loss. I think of you with so much fondness beautiful man - I can’t believe you've gone. Stromness will not be the same without you. I had hoped to see you again so much.. You are a rare treasure of a man… soulful brother…I’d not spoken with you lately… we always had much to talk about. We both talked about painting the arts, politics, direct action, philosophising over a drink or two- not always agreeing- but underneath all of that was the warm humanity I felt we shared- an understanding-like a brotherhood- as well as a love of harmless mischief... humorous banter... leg pulling. Here's a long grassy heart I carved where we used to live down here in the borders. Wild flowers grew inside it. Love you mate. X I'll sing a song for you later... Rory 💚