Jun 15, 2021

Boris Johnson, COP, (conference of Polluters) Economics over safety, Health, ecology. "Nothing to do with me"

Boris Johnson Tory Prime minister says he is "not in favour" of a proposed UK coal mine, but that the decision "is not mine to make"!

A Waffling load of wordy codswallop and bunkum…failed virtue signalling.

Local council county decision? Rubbish!

Johnson’s Public open letter was more an election speech- some kind of display and self righteous detached signalling- pretending some high mindedness - it’s parleying- it’s not discussion or any kind of mediation to solve a problem.

I recall The vote against fracking in Lancashire was overturned by the Conservative party in favour of Caudrilla! Theresa May promised to give control back to the people, yet her Government rode roughshod over the Lancashire community’s opposition to fracking.

What else Johnson? CAMBO Oil Field- "Nothing to do with me" Cumbrian Coal Mine- "Nothing to do with me" Brexit-induced raw sewage dumping- "nothing to do with me" Massive 'biofuel' deforestation- "nothing to do with me" HS2 destruction of woodland- "nothing to do with me"

As friend Paul Basset Davies comments “A clear distinction is emerging between the leaders at #COP26. Poor countries are desperate for systemic change; rich countries are desperate to avoid it.”

It’s economics over safety ….profit before people… as usual all the way! The economy over ecology And The economy over public health. The economy is more sacred than trying to prevent illness and death. It's very obvious, be it the Grenfell Tower fire and scrimping on safety, fireproof cladding.-there are a lot of vested interests! Regarding economics, the ‘economy’ this government values lives differently...with professional liars paid by fossil-fuel companies. Denial of facts about climate change is a similar problem to the smoking debate in the 1950s when tobacco companies covered up the truth about the link to cancer. The trouble is....there are a lot of vested interests! it’s not in the interest of the oil mining industry…or pharmaceutical industry to stop and change direction… either. It’s all connected... health and climate change.