Oct 11, 2022



I am a bit confused here. Quite rightly there should be trials for war crimes in Ukraine. What I don't understand is that Julian Assange exposed war crimes perpetrated by the USA but instead of trials of the perpetrators, he got put in prison for it.

Remembering the Iraqi children who were killed by the U.S. military

Why do they call the killing of innocent Iraqis classified information? So they protect the troops first before civilians!

They have an issue with the people's lives "he put at risk" but not the lives that were actually taken.

The people’s lives that were at risk, were the people who committed the war crimes, other lives don’t matter! there are lives which are more important than others.

Defending the people who ordered soldiers to murder children

It’s only a crime if the other side carries it out.

imagine if Assange was Russian and published the same about Russia.

Would your opinion of him be the same?

Remember the Pentagon Papers? Same exposure.

It's not classified info, it is censored info.

War crimes are only war crimes when they’re convenient and not committed by the US.

Anyone who has invaded a country on a false pretext deserves to die isn't that what you're telling about Ukraine?

It's War criminals who are having their lives put at risk.

"You have to start with the Truth. The truth is the only way we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based on lies and ignorance can't lead to a good conclusion" Julian Assange.

The West are Don't Extradite Assange Campaign.